IT Facilities

IT Facilities

The Information Technology (IT) Division of IIUC is providing state-of-the-art IT services for Academic and Administrative purposes with modern approaches and technologies. Exclusive support areas are covered by several technological sections to fulfill the demand of IT users especially the Faculty members, Administrative executives, researchers and Students. IT Division has following service wings:

1. Provide terrific Network Connectivity among the campuses:
● IT Division maintain optical fiber network & radio link connection between IIUC offices, departments, Central Library at Kumira (24 km apart) and City Liaison office which is the first of its kind among all private universities in Bangladesh.
● IT Division maintains Campus-Wide optical fiber network. ITD also maintains common Internet access facilities for students and Wi-Fi connectivity within campus area at Kumira.

2. Provide Internet Service to the authorized users of IIUC:
● IT Division provides Internet connectivity to IIUC through four renowned ISPs. In order to meet the booming demand of Internet service, IT Division was pursued to the competent authority of IIUC to increase the bandwidth. At present, duplex Bandwidth capacity have been increased from 555 Mbps to 2 Gbps.
● IIUC has established a Data Center with sophisticated equipments which is also a pioneering step among the private universities. IT Division is maintaining this Data Center.

3. Maintenance and development of software and computing solutions as per IIUC need:
● IT Division provides Software and Network management system of IIUC which includes website development & updating, E-mail facilities, E-journal facility & Software requirements for different departments & divisions.
● IIUC is implementing Total Office Automation (in the name ‘Integrated University Management System’) which is being maintained by IT Division.
● The Division gives technical supports to regular online programming contest for students (Intra University and National Contest).

4. Implementation of Biometric Attendance and HR management Software:
● Biometric Attendance devices has been established and Online Human Resource Management system also developed by IT Division for Academic and Administrative personnel.

5. CCTV system deployment:
● To ensure the campus security, preeminent CCTV system installation at different point/locations has also done by IT Division.

6. Hardware and Multimedia Support:
● IT Division has to look after all the IT related equipment (e.g. Computers, printers, network devices, scanners, multimedia projectors etc.) of the University.
● Multimedia presentation services of various national and international programs/conferences seminars.